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New features added Empty New features added

Post by admin @ shivam on Thu Mar 19, 2009 6:08 pm

Dear Forumotion members,

Here is right now the update you've all been waiting for!
No need to say more, just look below for the brand new features (you'll also see attached for most of them their tutorial ) :

1 - Login pop-up

Can display in a pop-up for login, to provide a fast connection for members or rapid registration for the guests.

The admin can add a personal message to the pop-up.

2 - Flood Control

Allows the admin to limit the creation of threads, posts or private messages.
It's calculated in seconds and the maximum value is 999 999 seconds, or 277 hours or 11.5 days

3 - Multi-quote

This option allows you to display or not, a multi-quote button. Now it
will be easier to quote several posts at the same time. This button
operates on the principle of selection / deselection.

4 - Scrolling announcements

One of the most promising in terms of evolution possibilites. It
displays annoucements in the form of text or images, on portal, forum,
or all pages of the forum.

Announcements can scroll left, right, up or down at speeds decided by the admin. In addition, they may also mark a
time-out and the admin can also define the horizontal or vertical space between each listing.

5 - Points System (similar to cash mod)

The points system is a system based on different criteria and allowing users to evaluate themself or even to compete.

Activate it in Modules -> Point System

How are points calculated?
- Points generated by the number of posts
- Points generated by the number of topics created
- Points generated by the number of friends that the user has
- Reputation points
- Points generated by the registration date of the member
- Points generated by the number of message on his profile

The board administrator can change many settings for this feature.
For the creation of messages and topics, he can change the gain of points for each forum.
To make the points system even more attractive, they can create levels
of points from which they have a "rank" that the admin can define.
The field points can be displayed either on the profile, either in messages or both. The name of the field can also be changed.

6 - Reputation system :Evaluation + "Thanks" Button (similar to karma mod)

The reputation system, as you have noticed, is a sub part of the points system. It also works with points.

In each posts, if the feature is activated, small buttons to rate the
post will be apparent. Each positive or negative rate can make you win
lose reputation points.
The number of points won or lost can be modified and can be customized for each categories.
The button "Thanks" allows a member who created a topic to thank the
user who wrote the message that it considers most appropriate. The post
appears highlighted.
Check out in your admin panel : Display > pics management >
advanced mode > buttons > Please make sure you've got buttons for
this functionality.

The field points can be displayed either on the profile, either in messages or both. The name of the field can also be changed.
In addition, several options related to reputation are intended to limit
the use of this feature according to certain criteria (see the admin panel).

7 - Advanced Profile

The advanced profile is a "remake" of the vBulletin profile.

There are different tab such as:
- The user messages: You can write a message on the profile of a member.
- The friends list.
- Statistics.
- Contact information: You can contact the member.
- The fields of the profile

This feature can be disabled, then the simple profile (current one) that will be displayed.

8 - Profile fields
Tutorial : in progress

We have also changed the management of the fields in the profile. We
have enhanced the functionality to adapt to the advanced profile.
You can activate it in : Users & groups > Profiles > Profile fields

8 - Avatars in members list

You can now see all your users avatars while browsing the members list Surprised


We hope sincerely that this update will please you, and we stay put for all your feedbacks!

Best regards,

New features added Ubda7389

New features added Ubd2029fs5
admin @ shivam
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